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Amy 'Cherryclaw' Prongs
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Things that didn't make it into the ID:
:bulletblack: I support Llama for a llama -philosophy = I always return the llamas I get.
:bulletblack: Constructive critisism is always welcomed!
:bulletgreen: Current full English name: Amy Cherryclaw Prongs (absolutely no relation to HP, the word just happens to be the closest equivalent of my IRL surname in meaning.)

Ja suomeksi:
:bulletgreen: Nelipuun YP täällä moi. Minut löytää nopeiten revioLATEin Parantajain Pesän chatista.
:bulletpurple: Vastaan myös nimiin Kaloo, Aami, Hermione ja muutamaan muuhun mitä olen PPssä saanut.
:bulletblue: Kotipaikka Pori, tämänhetkine opiskelupaikka Tampereen yliopisto, englannin kielen, kulttuurin ja kääntämisen ko.

:bulletred: Captain-Skywalker
:bulletred: Kanttarelchild
:bulletred: Raptorce
:bulletred: revioLATE

To do -list (in no particular order):
:bulletblue: Drawing of Anakin for Captain-Skywalker
:bulletblue: Do drawings of every senshi in my TOE-fanfic
:bulletblue: Request for purenightshade (WIP)
:bulletblue: Kiriban prize for KarienPryde
:bulletblue: Kiriban prize for TanzNukeTerror X2
:bulletblue: Kiriban prize for SekoSirita
:bulletblue: Kiriban prize for iCheddar
:bulletblue: Kiriban prize for revioLATE
:bulletblue: RJO illusts and/or ref sheets

:bulletpurple: My 100 themes challenge
:bulletpurple: 100 themes challenge + Warriors 100TC

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NobleHearts Precure (And SafeHarbor) by ameliette
NobleHearts Precure (And SafeHarbor)
:new: Updated with PCSH history

Coming up with seven different precure designs that still form a team proved to be quite difficult. BUT NOT IMPOSSIBLE and I also proved that color is a very good way to tell characters apart.
From left to right, Cures Meringue, Sorbet, Bundt, Creme, Cookie, Eclair and Macaron. Ain't telling you more than that Meringue is the leader. I'm already writing the series, but can't promise when it's coming out.

In case you are interested in sharing this in Tumblr, my own post is here: Black Candy

Might be scrapped later.

Edit: So yeah, I never wrote this one, but instead turned it into Pretty Cure Safe Harbor. So I thought I might as well disclose here some info on the process.
I knew in the very beginning that I wanted to set this in RJO verse, post-WWM (World War of Magic), so the girls would be living on the city-ships. Back here, Bella was not meant to be an important player, only a connection from the team to the principal, Amy Cherryclaw Prongs. Well, she then decided to find Sara when she came to Earth and hogged the spotlight :I
Also at this point of time, the Cures had the colors of the rainbow, names of different sweets and themes of the seven heavenly virtues, with all the sins represented on the villain side. (Villains are named in parenthesis after the Cure's info) I also chose to give you all their intro and upgrade ep's names, because only one of them survived to PCSH.

:bulletblue: Cure Meringue - Mackenzie Snyder - blue & chastity/honesty/purity - (Luxia - lust)
"An honest heart glows blue! Cure Meringue!"
Leader of the team, tomboy with a soft spot for animals. Chubby, wears glasses, has an older brother who (apparently) does nothing but play video games. Hails from Australia.
:bulletgreen: "I'm not a Muggle? An Honest Heart Glows Blue!"
:bulletred: "You are a Liar! And Liars Need Special Lessons!"

:bulletwhite: Cure Sorbet - Alice Honeystripe Blanchett - turquoise & diligence/duty - (Aceda - Sloth) (There was no turquoise bullet)
"A dutiful heart glows cyan! Cure Sorbet!"
Not much of Alice was known at this point in story, except that she was a nekera (later defined as a French nekera), nerdy type, and that she was friends with Bella Prongs, the daughter of the principal (to allow Bella to work as their secret keeper and to delve to the principal's (and RJO's) history in an episode called "My Friend is a Princess? Attack on the Royal Family!"). Currently she has an older prother who is an airbender, and their parents (a French nekera mother, a Canadian earthbender (human) father) have a popular cafe. Alice also got the chubbiness that was meant for Mackie.
:bulletgreen: "Softest Cure Ever! The Dutiful Cure Sorbet!"
:bulletred: "Perseverance is the Key! Unlock Your True Heart's Power!"

:bulletgreen: Cure Bundt - Nuru Wright - green & kindness - (Indivus - envy)
"A kind heart glows green! Cure Bundt!"
Nuru was from the start a landmine victim with a prosthetic leg. I first envisioned her as a South African kid who'd been adopted to England after her parents died (and from there she made her way to the Lotuspad), but currently her backstory involves being stuck in a war zone where Amy's familiars discovered her and took to RJO for treatment.
:bulletgreen: "Leg of Iron, Heart of Gold! Cure Bundt!"
:bulletred: "Bundt's Proken Trust! We Won't Forgive You!" & "Picking up the Pieces! The Green Heart Glows Again!" (there were a few two-parter episodes like these planned, and even in PCSH, eps 15&16 form such duo)

:bulletyellow: Cure Creme - Saira Malik - yellow & temperance/justice - (Gula - gluttony)
"A fair/just heart glows yellow! Cure Creme!"
I also knew from the start that with the team consisting of girls from all over the world, I should have a hijabi Cure. Saira is from Pakistan, as I regarded that as a "safe" choise. (Not to mention it gives some South Asian representation)
:bulletgreen: "Justice for the Shy Girl! Cure Creme!"
:bulletred: "A Promise Made Shall be Kept! I Won't Watch from the Sidelines Anymore!"

:bulletorange: Cure Cookie - Anna Solberg - orange & charity/love - (Avarius - greed)
"A loving heart glows orange! Cure Cookie!"
I still don't know much about Anna. She's from Sweden, and the first one not in the other girls' class. She's also mentioned as having a hearing aid, which may or may not have transferred over to Nuru. There's also a mention of her falling in love with Robert Prongs, Bella's elder brother. (It's possible that at this time, Bella still had only one brother, instead of two, and even if she did, I apparently disreganded the idea of Anna (a cis girl) falling in love with a trans man.) Although this note also mentions that the plot was originally planned for Manami.
:bulletgreen: "The Everloving Heart! Cure Cookie!"
:bulletred: "I Love You! There's So Much I Want to Say..." (let's give this one an award for extreme cheesiness)

These five I think were originally meant to form the team, and then collect to Sixth Rangers later on:

:bulletpink: Cure Eclair - Carla Fierro - pink/red & patience/mercy/peace - (Iraira - wrath)
"A merciful heart glows red! Cure Eclair!"
Ah, Carla... Originally planned as a team brat and the youngest sibling of four, the oldest being Nina Fierro, aka Sailor Phoenix. (Inspiring an episode "Sisters on Battlefield! Combine Red And Pink...", which is going to be referenced in PCSH#14 (since it's scheduled release is around the same time as SMC's finale.)) Carla is two years younger than the main girls, and was, as a part of her upgrade arc, meant to land in hospital (a job which landed on Bella of all people!), causing Nina to chew out the other girls for letting her sister get hurt.
:bulletgreen: "Kids on the Battlefield? Cure Eclair!"
:bulletred: "Even Mercy Has its Limits! Eclair is Back!" (Preceded by episodes "Dangers of Precure! Our Girls at the Limit!" and "Eclair is Gone! Will the Team Work!")

:bulletpurple: Cure Macaron - Manami Yukimura - purple & humility/courage - (Superia - pride)
"A brave heart glows purple! Cure Macaron!"
Manami is also one of those blank spots. I recall fashioning her as a singer at some point, and her fashion style fluctuated between lolita and skimpy (in PSCH, it's "kinda skimpy"), and I knew from the start that she would have bleached hair and contacts. But beyond this... nothing.
:bulletgreen: "Hearts of the Brave! Cure Macaron!" (introduced in previous episode "That Japnaese Girl is So Cute! I Wonder Who She is..." which was a really stupid idea)
:bulletred: "Dare to Step Up! Purple Heart Shooter!" (Albeit originally a bad MGLN-ripoff, the name became Hilarious in Hindsight, as HappinessCharge has subattacks with this exact name pattern.)

So why did I drop the thing? Multiple reasons, probably. The heavenly virtues vs cardinal sins is a Christian concept, and with two non-Christians and the others probably not very vocal about Christianity, if they even were a part of the church (fully pussible for everyone except Eclair/Carla). Also, DokiDoki stopped airing around the time I did these, so after learning/realizing it had the same virtues vs sins theme, I thought I'd only be copying it (badly). Remnants of that realization can still be seen here, like Eclair's counterpart being named Iraira instead of just Ira.
Then I thought I should try something more... RJO-y and more me. I found the idea of the seven seas highly compatible with the cities traveling the oceans, and I ended up assgning each girl with a marine animal and a sea. (Sound familiar, eh?) These were the assignments with the seven girls:

:bulletblue: Southern Sea - Australia - Cure Emperor (Penguin) bird/flight/wind (blue)
:bulletgreen: North Sea - England - Cure Polar (Bear) ice/snow/cold (green)
:bulletyellow: Indian Ocean - Pakistan - Cure Caretta (Turtle) (yellow-brown)
:bulletred: Atlantic Ocean - Mexico - Cure Ring(ed Seal) (red)
:bulletpurple: Pacific Ocean - Japan - Cure Crest(ed Auklet) fire/volcanoes/steam (purple)
:bulletwhite: Mediterranean Sea - France - Cure Bottle(nose Dolphin) wave/splash (teal)
:bulletorange: Baltic Sea - Sweden - Cure Silver (Salmon) torrents/salt (orange)
(The countries should reveal who's who.)

From this, it wasn't long until Mediterranean and Baltic Seas were cut out, leaving me with five girls, five seas, and a much more power-compatible set of elements and colors.
Here's the same list with the official PCSH Cures:

:bulletred: Atlantic Ocean - Mexico - Cure Ring(ed Seal) fire (red)
:bulletblue: Pacific Ocean - Japan - Cure Spinner (Dolphin) ice/snow (blue)
:bulletgreen: Indian Ocean - Pakistan - Cure Caretta (Turtle) earth (green)
:bulletyellow: North Sea - France - Cure Polar (Bear) air (yellow)
:bulletpurple: Southern Sea - South Africa - Cure Emperor (Penguin) light (purple)

Much nicer and easier to handle, isn't it?

And because the upgrade episodes weren't quite in the right order in the by-char lists, here they are in chronological order:
"You are a liar! And liars need special lessons!" (Meringue's powerup)
"Perseverance is the key! Unlock your true heart's power!" (Sorbet's powerup)
"Bundt's broken trust! We won't forgive you!"
"Picking up the pieces! The green heart glows again!" (Bundt's powerup)
"Dangers of Precure! Our girls at the limit!"
"Eclair is gone! Will the team work?"
"A promise made shall be kept! I won't watch from the sidelines anymore..." (Creme's powerup)
"I love you! There's so much I want to say..." (Cookie's powerup)
"Even mercy has its limits! Eclair is back!" (Eclair's powerup)
"Dare to step up! Purple heart shooter!" (Macaron's powerup)

(I am a boring person, aren't I?)
And after writing this whole thing, I kinda like the idea of sins vs virtues based series... I'll have to sit on that. But not combine rainbows, virtues AND sweets into one series. Rainbow and virtues should be enough.
Huomenna hiipparoin Porin kaupunginkirjastolla Nipporin merkeissä, lähinnä lasten ja nuortenpuolen nurkissa. Mukana valomiekka ja kirpparille menossa jonkin verran mangaa.
Siellä nähdään, etenkin te eräät~~

PS. jos joku Avatar hihhuli siellä sattuu myös olemaan, niin otan taidekirjan mukaan, ihan vaan koska syyt.
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Huomenna hiipparoin Porin kaupunginkirjastolla Nipporin merkeissä, lähinnä lasten ja nuortenpuolen nurkissa. Mukana valomiekka ja kirpparille menossa jonkin verran mangaa.
Siellä nähdään, etenkin te eräät~~

PS. jos joku Avatar hihhuli siellä sattuu myös olemaan, niin otan taidekirjan mukaan, ihan vaan koska syyt.
  • Mood: Excited
  • Listening to: Eptesicus - Batman Begins
  • Eating: chocolate

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